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    Euroseal Valida


    Euroseal Valida comes with all of the best features of a manual sealing machine: it has an innovative, ergonomic design and it is resistant, safe, versatile thanks to its patented roll holder, and extremely easy to use thanks to the practical support surface and the transparent polycarbonate cover.

    Euroseal Valida can validate sealing cycles and save data (including whether they were completed successfully) on a USB key or SD card. Sealing data can be transferred directly to a computer using Ethernet and WiFi connections. Thanks to the innovative touch-screen display with a user-friendly interface on the support surface, users can quickly and intuitively look through the menu and select one of the preset cycles or a free cycle with their own choice of sealing temperature, allowing them to seal rolls and pouches of all kinds.

    A stand-by function can be enabled to reduce energy consumption. An optional E-WiFi wireless kit is available on request. In full compliance with UNI EN 868-5 EN ISO 11607-2.